Muir Woods & Bike Adventure Package

San Francisco, CA

  • $119 People

About your bike ride:

• Pick-up your bike at our 501 Bay Street location
• Shop opens daily at 8am
• Bring CC and ID for bike pickup


Up to 8 Hours


  • About your Muir Woods shuttle:
  • Check in time 7:50am at 2805 Leavenworth. There will be a Gray Line San Francisco representative to assist with boarding the bus and check-in.
  •  Bring this voucher to board Muir Woods bus
  • Bus departs 8:00am sharp
  • Arrives Muir Woods est. 9am and includes entrance to Muir Woods. 9am to 10:30am Muir Woods free time. 11:00am arrive Sausalito until 12:15pm Sausalito free time. 12:45pm arrive at Fisherman’s Wharf.
501 Bay St, San Francisco, CA 94133

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