Morning Sail

Oceanside, CA

$300Private charters Up to 6 guests

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You can take a plane, you can take a train, you can drive a car, you can go real far.. however.. until you shut down all power and let the wind glide your private yacht through the seas.. you’re missing an unforgettable experience.

What to Expect

We’ll meet you at 1900 N Harbor Dr
Oceanside, CA 92054 in front of the Jolly Roger restaurant where there is plenty of free parking on both sides. After a brief boat and safety orientation, we motor out of the harbor, hoist the sails and head out. We can’t promise sea life but often see Dolphins, occasionally Whales, and almost always the Seals.

The Boat

The 36′ Catalina sailing yacht was built for these waters and is one of the most popular boats in the world. Spacious and seakindly, well appointed with sitting room, deck space, sanitary bathroom (head), and a functional galley all to make the vessel” Neverland” a pleasure on the Sea.


Two Hours

1950 N Harbor Dr, Oceanside, CA 92054

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