3hr. GoCar Coronado Scooter Tour

San Diego, CA

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This tour is for anyone that wants to discover California’s Crown Jewel, Coronado Island. Explore Coronado’s pristine beaches, the famous Hotel del Coronado, the Ferry Landing, shops and much more. As you enjoy the drive, it takes you to all the best sites, recommends restaurants, cracks jokes and tells the stories that bring a destination to life. Start in Downtown San Diego before boarding the ferry to take you over to Coronado Island. See the visually stunning Coronado Bay Bridge and the San Diego Harbor as you make your way across by ferry. Make your way through Downtown Coronado where you’ll hear all about Coronado Island’s rich history. Drive along the beaches and pass by the Naval Air Station on North Island. Don’t miss out on one of our most unique tours!


3 Hours

Tour Highlights:

• Hotel del Coronado
• Coronado Ferry
• Ferry Landing
• Hear about Coronado Island’s rich history
• Coronado Bridge
• Spreakles Park
• Coronado Beach
• North Island
• Bay View Park
• Downtown skyline

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