18 Snug Harbor

San Diego, CA

  • $209 90 Minute Rental
  • $339 3 Hour Rental

Explore Mission Bay with a Snug Harbor Duffy Boat Rental! No boating license required!

The 18 Snug Harbor is very spacious for her size, for up to 10 passengers.


The Duffy Boat Snug Harbor vessel is 18 feet of spacious fun!

Bring food and beverages along while you cruise the gorgeous waters of Mission Bay with room for up to 10 people.

You don’t even need a boating license to operate this charming Duffy.

You can turn your charter into a party boat rental with music, drinks and great company!

San Diego’s Mission Bay is an awesome place to explore, with over 2,200 acres. You’re sure to encounter some locals including sea lions, migratory birds, jet skiers, water jet-packers, and maybe even a dolphin or two.

Know before you go

  • NO smoking
  • NO pets
  • NO swimming off boats
  • No beaching the boats
  • Insurance option available for all renters

Located in: Mission Bay Park
Address: 1548 Quivira Way, San Diego, CA 92109, United States

Do you provide captains on rental boats?
Unfortunately, we cannot as this is a US Coast Guard regulation regarding our boats. Duffy Boats are very easy to drive and we have had many first-timers drive our boats successfully.

Is the boat easy to drive and how old do you have to be?
Duffy Boats are easy as driving a golf cart and goes 5-6 mph.

You have to be 21 years old to drive our Duffy boat and have valid identification.

We provide a detailed map of Mission Bay and go over how to drive the boat and where to go on the map before you depart.


90 minute rental and 3 hour rental options

About the boat

  • 2014 18′ Duffy Electric Boat.
  • She is light blue, has a table, Surrey top, crystal clear Eisenglass enclosure, built-in ice cooler, and stereo with Bluetooth for streaming music. Don’t forget your music, munchies, and drinks!
  • You and your passengers will stay dry and protected from the elements inside this beauty or if the day is warm and beautiful, you can open the side enclosures and enjoy the ocean air while silently cruising at 5 knots.
  • She is also 100% electric, eco-friendly so NO loud motors or nasty fumes. Simply electrifying!
1548 Quivira Way, San Diego, CA 92109

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