1.5 Hour Waterbike Experience

San Francisco, CA

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Starting out from South Beach Harbor Marina at Pier 40 We will go for a casual and comfortable yet moderately intense waterbike ride for 1 to 3 miles. Learn Posture, proper waterbiking techniques, and a bit about the San Francisco Bay.

Where and how fast we go depends on the weather and currents.

Experience Itinerary

  • Waterbiking 101 – Safety Course (15 Mins)
  • On Ground Warmup (5 Mins)
  • Waterbike Launch (5 Mins)
  • On the Water Experience (50 Mins)
  • Returning to the Marina (10 Mins)
  • Quick cool down (5 Mins)
  • Photo and Social Media Exchange


Fall-Sping: In the colder months the water is pure magic however even though it may be sunny with colder air temperatures need to be prepared a range in temps which can be between 40F and 75F or 4.4C and 24C


  • Riders determined to be intoxicated will not be allowed to ride until they return while not under the influence of any judgment/mental/physically altering or impairing substance(s).
  • No Children under 13 years old
  • ** Max Rider Weight limit is 250 lbs or 113 kg**
  • ** Max Boat Weight: 300Lbs
  • Rider Height Range is 5 to 6ft 7in or 152 – 201 \cm

~1.5 Hours (90 Minutes)

What to bring

  • Your Best Self, well-fed, rested and we recommend not drinking too much alcohol 12 hrs previous
  • Windbreakers / Jackets are clutch as it gets windy in the afternoons and cold in the winter months.
  • Closed Toed Athletic Shoes or Aqua Shoes (Do Not Wear Sandals but Crocs are ok)
  • Head Covers like Hats, Visors, and Beanies keep the sun, cold, and wind off your face and head.
  • Sunglasses as the glare from the sun and water can be quite intense.
  • Sun Block is essential even when it’s cold out. The sun is very intense out on the water.
  • Water – most bikes are equipped with a sports bottle holder. You will get thirsty!
899 2nd Street South Beach Harbor Marina, Gate 04, G Dock, San Francisco, CA 94107

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